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Bring your digital products to life quickly with no-code and low-code solutions

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Better Experiences for Customers, Partners & Team

We help innovative leaders bring product ideas to life swiftly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank.

Sales & Customers

Custom Portals, Customer Service, Order Management

Automate customer service and partner communications with custom portals. Streamline business development with a lightweight CRM.


Content Planning & Management

Reach your audience more effectively with the right email marketing tools and online presence.


Databases & Documents

Enhance efficiency and scalability with better databases, automations and integrations across apps.


Systems & Transformatons

Simplify team management with organized content, standardized workflows and tasks aligned with business goals.

The average employee spends 51% of every workday on low to no-value tasks.

Source: Forbes

Our Services

We are a digital consultancy and product studio, helping leaders transform their organizations through digital experiences for their customers and people.

Custom Applications

Make that idea a reality—We rapidly prototype and launch custom apps with visual development (no/low-code) tools.

Automation, Workflows & Databases

Reduce admin work—We redesign and automate workflows that allow you to scale while saving time and money.

Coaching & Mentorship

Validate your idea—We guide early-stage entrepreneurs to build their MVPs.

Technology that transforms organizations

We believe in the power of visual development, also known as no-code / low-code technology. These tools help us focus on designing the best experience and process instead of coding.

Modernize your technology to support efficient processes and better experiences for your people. Some of our favourite tools include Airtable, Softr, Glide, Notion, Make and Zapier.

Two females working in the office
We began as a management consultancy to help leaders solve problems.

Over the years, we saw organizations bogged down by inefficient processes and technology.

Today, Cue North looks holistically at people, processes as well as technology.

About Us
Dr. Eliza Henshaw, DNP, NP(F), MSN, BSN
Executive Director, NP Provincial Initiatives and Programs

The dashboard is making such a big impact on our program, and I can’t thank you for that enough! We really appreciate all of your support - it has helped make our program both impactful and relevant for the NPs in the province.

Dr. Eliza Henshaw, DNP, NP(F), MSN, BSN
Executive Director, NP Provincial Initiatives and Programs

The dashboard is making such a big impact on our program, and I can’t thank you for that enough! We really appreciate all of your support - it has helped make our program both impactful and relevant for the NPs in the province.

Dr. Rebecca Kolbensen
Optometrist and Business Owner, Golden Optometric Clinic

"Developing our digital adoption plan was really helpful, as it confirmed and kickstarted a lot of the technology investments I was already thinking about but hadn’t yet made. After a year, I can say things are going really well. Our customers love being able to book appointments and order their products online. I’m also spending less time on admin work for our business, allowing me to spend more time with my patients. Thank you Lorraine and Tanzi for everything. It was a pleasure to work with you."

Allan Lai

"I love how streamlined the NP Funding Hub is. Great work!"

Kayleigh Maryon
Administration Manager, NP Provincial Programs, NNPBC

"I love the NP Funding Hub. I was getting 50 to 100 emails per week about CPD claims status. Now I get 5 emails in a month."

Tarah Reece
Nurse Practitioner, Indigenous Provincial Lead, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of British Columbia

"We needed to visualize our data in a new way, and the Cue North team was instrumental in turning our idea to reality. They were efficient in getting an understanding of what we needed, building the first version, and then refining it with our feedback. I would highly recommend working with Cue North for your technology planning and implementation, especially in the context of healthcare."

Dr. Shan Sun, D.M.D
Dentist, Business Owner, Monarch Pediatric Dental

"It was great to see the fruits of all our meetings and labour summarized so clearly in our digital adoption plan. You provided a comprehensive look at our business, and provided insight to where we should focus on to improve our business through technology. Thank you again for all your support and expertise through this process."

Kaye Remi Hope
Founder, Master Coach, Restore Human

"Working with Cue North helped us get a good snapshot of what we need to prioritize and improve upon in order to succeed in the digital world. It was a great experience - easy, effective."

Kayleigh Maryon
Program Administrative Manager, NP Provincial Initiatives, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of B.C.

"I love working with Cue North. The team always provide practical solutions in a short timeline. They are responsive and approachable."

Rochelle Zorzi
Partner, Cathexis Consulting

“I really appreciated you took the time to understand our business and its culture, and then tailored your recommendations to align with / support our existing culture and operations. It was a pleasure working with Lorraine and team. The process was efficient, we always knew what would be expected of us, and the discussions were valuable. We're looking forward to implementing the recommendations over the coming year."

Nelson Lee
Lead Verifier, Founder, Green Sky Sustainability

"We now have an awareness of issues, a vision of potential improvements and some good connections. The Cue North team was excellent to work with, prompt, knowledgeable, well connected, met timeline, and answered our questions."

Dr. James Chen, D.M.D
Dentist, Business Owner, Nottingham Dental

"After this experience of developing my digital adoption plan, I now better understand how and where technology can positively impact my business and help me reach my business goals. The team at Cue North was great to work with and I’d highly recommend them as digital advisors."

Mohit Bhakuni
Founder & CEO, Contify

"It has been a pleasure working with Lorraine. Her methodical approach to problem-solving has helped us in executing some of the most complex and abstract projects. She is very good at defining high-level tasks, timelines and executing things with clinical precision."

Peter Kostka
Co-Founder, Machinery Analytics

"Lorraine helped our B2B SaaS startup develop a whole range of tools and process needed to become an efficient customer-focused company. She was instrumental in preparing our financial model and business plan, both of which were very well received by our investors. I would highly recommend Lorraine to any fast moving startup founders, especially technical founders needing support on the business side."

Marilyn Wacko
Executive Director, ARNET

"Lorraine was terrific to work with. She brought a different perspective to our organization and helped us conduct a significant piece of work. Her skills at conducting interviews with key stakeholders, and compiling and analyzing an extensive amount of information was exceptional. Our Board was impressed with the thorough analysis she completed and the succinct reporting on it."

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