Who we are

Our mission is to empower leaders to build great organizations for their people and communities

At our core, we are designers, builders, and thinkers.

We are digital consultants helping businesses use technology more effectively - to enable them to reach business goals.

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We are passionate about using data to make decisions while understanding the impact on people and community.

Our Core Values


Delivering work that's top-notch should drive everything we do


We work alongside our clients' teams and within our team to deliver maximum impact. We value and respect the diversity of experiences that each of us bring.

Always Learning

We are always learning - whether that's on a client project or picking up a new hobby or two

Knowledge professionals spend 58% of their time coordinating work instead of actually doing work.

Source: Bloomberg

We are proudly certified SHEmakes by the SHE Mark.

The SHE Marks are the most inclusive and consumer-friendly business certifications verifying gender equality at companies that are run, creatively-driven, or owned by women.

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"At Cue North I am encouraged to find a sweet spot to hone my tech skills and to create scalable impact on client projects. It is fantastic to work with clients who are championing broader tech adoption in their organizations. I am learning every day - from my clients and my teammates."

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Tanzi Khakimova
Design and Implementation Consultant