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Utilize cloud-based services and automation scripts for server provisioning, configuration management, and scaling.


  • Many systems and apps create reports and alerts that need attention
  • Various sources for reports and alerts need to be checked manually
  • Critical issues are identified and addressed with delays because of manual monitoring

Tools that can be used

  • Slack (collaboration platform for notifications and reporting)  
  • Workflow Automation Tools (e.g., Zapier, Make)  
  • Integration Platforms (e.g Workato)
  • Cloud-based Workflow Automation Services (e.g., AWS Step Functions, Azure Logic Apps)


  • Automated delivery of reports and alerts from various systems directly to dedicated Slack channels  
  • Ability to configure custom rules and filters for notifications based on severity or priority  
  • Improved visibility and faster response times for critical issues or anomalies  
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication within teams for addressing reported issues  
  • Reduced manual effort and increased efficiency in monitoring and reporting processes

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