4 Simple steps to make scheduling easier

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Written on
August 30, 2022
Last updated on
July 5, 2023

Scheduling can be automated by letting software handle all of the scheduling and minimizing costs as a perk from switching to letting software handle it all.

Letting business technology handle the scheduling side of things will free up lots of time that can be used to focus on serving patients.

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1. Select scheduling software

Imagine managing all of your appointments, bookings, and meetings all on a single program. A more organized, smoother workflow will save you many hours of admin work.

Allowing your staff to deliver better healthcare should be the goal of every clinic. It only takes a handful of calls to take up an hour of work that could be better spent on attending to patients.

It’s even worse when they are spread throughout the day interrupting other work. Gloria Mark, from University of California, studies digital distractions and wrote an article stating

“it takes an average of about 25 minutes to return to the original task after interruption.”

2. Standardize your appointments

Creating a list of different types and kinds of appointments someone can ask for will help the patients find and understand what they are looking for. This also helps you and your staff understand what the patient needs and what should be prepared.

Defining workflows and processes like appointment length, types, and clearly describing what each type of them are helps make booking much easier for both you and the patients.

Standard time slots will also let you use your time to its full capacity and see as many patients that can be seen in a day.

3. Share your online booking link with your front line workers

Give a link to your online booking page to anyone who speaks with patients so that they can share it with them.

Once most of the patients start using it, you will notice fewer calls and emails for appointments, increasing number of patients served in a day, increasing growth of patient database, reduction in wait times, and therefore, happier staff!

4. Use that link across all platforms

Using the same link throughout all platforms (emails, social media, texts, website) will keep all of the information in one place for easier management and let everybody know about this new booking method.

As the world moves more and more towards the digital side of things, patients are able to search for healthcare providers online and many would agree that having an online scheduling app or booking process is a huge plus.

How Can We Help?

We are working with clinics to help make their work better and faster by designing business processes supported with applications, databases, forms, **with Airtable, Glide, Make, Zapier, Notion, Office 365, and more while ensuring compliance with health data privacy regulations.

We hope to move people away from simpler applications (Excel and Google Sheets) into the most adaptable and integrated technology. These tools are going to offer smarter ways for you to efficiently manage both the data and key operational processes.

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