Case Study: A Self-Service Portal to Lighten Admin Workload

Words by
Tanzi Khakimova
Written on
April 12, 2024
Last updated on
April 19, 2024

"How can we cut down on the huge volume of back-and-forth communications with individuals about the details of individual claims and balances?"

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Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice nurses who have completed master's level or higher education in nursing with integrated medical sciences. NPs are primary care providers who practice in many settings.

Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of British Columbia (NNPBC), NP Provincial Initiatives Program facilitates various funding programs, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, supporting NPs working as independent contractors in the Province of British Columbia.


The NP Provincial Initiatives Program team is tasked with administering funding for 5+ programs for almost 500 nurse practitioners across B.C.

Individual NPs submit claims for reimbursement for each program they are eligible for.

In a fiscal year, there are approximately 2,200-2,500 claims submitted.

The challenges were:

  1. NPs are unsure about which funding they are eligible for and the remaining balances for each program.
  2. The admin team was tackling a large amount of back-and-forth email and phone communication with individual NPs about details of individual claims and status.
  3. NPs sometimes submit duplicated claims for the same opportunity because there’s no easy way for them to see which claims they’ve submitted. For the admin team, it’s hard to catch these duplicate claims amongst the huge amount of claims coming their way.

Our client asked us to support them in building a self-service portal that offers:

  1. The ability for NPs to see the claims they’ve submitted and the status of each claim (pending/processed)
  2. The ability for NPs to update other information such as their banking info and work details
  3. An intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for anyone, including users who are not tech-savvy

💡 The NP Funding Hub is a self-service portal for the participating Nurse Practitioners. It provides visibility to individual claims and balances for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) expenses and the compensation for participating in Primary Care Network (PCN) development and Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives.

From our work with this client, we were already familiar with their data structure and workflows that were contained in Airtable. The NP Funding Hub would provide a “front-end” for users to view this data.

We were asked to build this new NP Funding Hub.

Project Goals

Our overall objective is to create a self-service portal for a growing NP community so that it provides visibility and transparency to individual NP programs funding balances and reduces communication friction between the NP PIP team and each individual NP.

Our team specializes in no/low-code tools to build custom platforms, and we selected Glide as the platform we would use for this project.

The goals for this project were:

  1. Build a self-service portal for NPs to manage their claims across programs
  2. Use Glide to build an app that connects with existing data in Airtable, and an intuitive user-driven interface
  3. Create support documentation for this new portal
  4. Train internal users on process to manage users

Impact & Results

Technology used:

  • Airtable - already being used by the client to manage workflows
  • Glide - app builder
  • Notion - support documentation
NP Funding Hub Dashboard.

Different sections within the NP Funding Hub.

The platform was launched in July 2022.

Impact since then:

  • Approximately 500 NPs have access to the NP Funding Hub
  • 5 programs administered through the NP Funding Hub and Airtable with the plan to incorporate 2 more programs into the Hub
  • 3,800+ claims processed
  • 90+% reduction in the number of emails received by the NP Programs team = countless hours saved!

"I love how streamlined the NP Funding Hub is. Great work!"
Allan Lai

Allan Lai


Tanzi Khakimova
Tanzi Khakimova
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