A community platform for healthcare professionals working shifts

Words by
Lorraine Wong
Written on
September 1, 2022
Last updated on
July 5, 2023
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Healthcare professionals who work shifts and/or organizations that look after the well-being of healthcare workers


Medical doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are often required to work long hours that may put a strain on their personal lives. When they can't find a substitute/locum to cover their shifts, it affects the well-being of the healthcare provider and, ultimately, quality of care for patients.

Healthcare professionals currently rely on informal networks and social media to exchange shifts.


We are building Shyfted - a community platform for members working shifts. This helps healthcare professionals share and exchange their work shifts.

Members of a community can find and connect with each other easily on Shyfted. They will be find the right people to cover their shifts. For those looking to pick up shifts, they will be able to find available roles based on their criteria.

Impact & Results

Healthcare professionals can:

  • Post and exchange their shifts
  • Search for shifts to take on according to their criteria (e.g. by location and hours)
  • Find a match quickly

Through Shyfted, users can strengthen their community by connecting easily with one another and providing mutual support.

If you're an organization supporting healthcare workers, connect with us at hello@cuenorth.com to bring Shyfted to your community.

Lorraine Wong
Lorraine Wong
Founder @ Cue North

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