Automating processes at healthcare organization

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Lorraine Wong
Written on
August 31, 2022
Last updated on
July 5, 2023

How can we improve our key operating processes so we are ready for growth?

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A professional organization supporting more than 40,000 healthcare practitioners across the province British Columbia, acts on behalf of its members to advance the profession and influence health and social policy.

The organization has been tasked by the government with administering funding to support its members in professional development through 4 programs.


The team to administer these programs consisted only of 4 people. In the initial years of the first program, the team developed a process that relied largely on manual copy and paste of data from member applications for the funding. The process and tools involved:

  • Webform to collect applications
  • Manual saving of application form to cloud storage
  • Manual input of application data to Excel
  • Manual input of application data to Word
  • Many emails within the team to resolve issues
  • Different ways to communicate (e.g. email, phone, Teams) made it hard to track conversations relating to an application

The process was susceptible to errors from manual data input. The customer recognized that the process was inefficient and not scalable as the volume of work was expected to grow.

Project Goals

Our team was asked to assist this organization to identify ways to improve the process.

  1. Re-design the processes so they can be more efficient, automated and scalable
  2. Build the tool that can be used by the team to support these processes
  3. Train the users on the new process and tools
  4. Provide support after go-live

Impact & Results

Over 3 months, we redesigned the process with clear roles, the tasks performed by each person and the tools used.

It was decided that Airtable would be used to support the process, and be integrated with other critical applications including SharePoint and QuickBooks.

A portal named the "NP Funding Hub", built with Glide, was created for their members to view the status of their funding applications. This portal automatically pulled live data from Airtable. This self-service portal is well-used, and allowed the team to focus on higher-value tasks rather than responding to many queries on individual applications.

Results of our work:

  1. Reduced manual data entry/effort
  2. Reduced admin work in responding to indiviual emails
  3. Eliminated data redundancy
  4. Enforced data integrity
  5. Single source of truth


“I love the NP Funding Hub. I was getting 50-100 emails per week with questions about status of claims applications. Now I get only about 5 in one month."
Kayleigh Maryon - Program Administrative Manager, Nurse Practitioner Provincial Initiatives & Programs, B.C.

Lorraine Wong
Lorraine Wong
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