Case Study: A New Chapter for an Optometry Clinic

Words by
Lorraine Wong
Written on
September 14, 2023
Last updated on
September 18, 2023

Our clinic is moving soon. How can we update our online presence to match our new, modern physical space?

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Golden Optometric Clinic, located in Golden, B.C., is well-established and have built strong relationships in the area and neighbouring communities. They are known for going above and beyond for their patients and customers. The 6-member team is led by optometrist Dr. Rebecca Kolbensen.

The clinic was planning to move to a new space in a few months, representing a new chapter for this business. Dr. Kolbensen saw this as an opportunity to improve the customer, patient and internal team’s experiences through better use of technology.

Dr. Kolbensen contacted us a few months after the new Canada Digital Adoption Program was launched, in the early part of this 4-year $4B federal program to help businesses digitize and grow online.


Their business operations involved:

  • A website that was outdated and not reflective of their current brand
  • Online booking of appointments were not possible, despite utilizing a practice management solution (Visual-Eyes)
  • Online ordering of contact lenses, previously available on their website, caused challenges in their internal operations and so was turned off
  • Paper-based HR processes and documentation

Dr. Kolbensen took advantage of the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to have a comprehensive review of the technology in their business to see how to better digitize their operations and grow online.

As digital advisors for CDAP Boost Your Business Technology, our team assisted in identifying areas in their operations that can benefit from technology and, collaboratively with the client, developed their digital adoption plan.

Project Goals

  • To understand the current state of their strategic goals, business model and process challenges, and current technology
  • To analyze and identify the most impactful technology options for their business
  • To develop an implementation roadmap

Impact & Results

We identified 7 technology initiatives that would help them grow online and digitize their business operations.

These include:

  • Refreshing website to create a more modern experience, consistent with their new physical space
  • Enabling online booking and ecommerce on the new website by utilizing those features in the practice management software they are already using
  • Implementing an HR software to support process and documentation

One year on, their business technology is in place and functioning well for their customers and their team:

  • A new, modern website, built with Squarespace, with integrated online booking for appointments and ecommerce for contact lenses and other products.
  • Contact lens inventory between Otto (online store) and Visual-Eyes (EMR/practice management solution)
  • A new HR and payroll system (Rise)
  • Improvements in data security and privacy practices

Golden Optometric Clinic also took advantage of the Grow Your Business Online grant of $2,400 to support the development of their new website.

Do you want to get a $15K grant for your technology planning through the Canada Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP)?Book a call with us to learn more.

"Developing our digital adoption plan was really helpful, as it confirmed and kickstarted a lot of the technology investments I was already thinking about but hadn’t yet made. After a year, I can say things are going really well. Our customers love being able to book appointments and order their products online. I’m also spending less time on admin work for our business, allowing me to spend more time with my patients. Thank you Lorraine and Tanzi for everything. It was a pleasure to work with you."
Dr. Rebecca Kolbensen

Dr. Rebecca Kolbensen

Optometrist and Business Owner, Golden Optometric Clinic

Lorraine Wong
Lorraine Wong
Founder @ Cue North

Helping leaders build great organizations through processes and powerful digital experiences